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For several years, Kitchener-Waterloo residents have been frustrated and sometimes angry about the construction around the building of our new light-rail transit system. But in some ways we should be grateful for the positive effect it has had on our brains. 

Barb Hankins

Scientists say that by taking a different route to your destination you are giving your brain needed exercise. The road closures were often unpredictable, so we were constantly challenged to try to figure out new routes. The trains are about to start running, so we’ll be looking for other ways to exercise our brains. Here are some ideas from Psychology Today.

Just like navigating road construction, surviving in today’s fast-changing world requires being flexible, adaptable, and open to change. The producers of Una Voce have had the challenge of trying to figure out a new way to get the newsletter to you. We hope you like the new distribution method. Let us know your thoughts!

In this issue, you can read about the 2018 OCSM annual conference: Matt Heller provides a handy summary and Bob Fraser reminisces on past conferences. New Symphonic Services Division Associate Director Richard Sandals gives us some handy pointers on negotiating electronic media clauses, Arlene Dahl introduces us to Winnipeg’s new Music Director, and Rebecca Morton interviews the KWS CEO for ideas on implementing the IDEA declaration.

Have a great season, and try not to get lost as your explore new routes!