A Call to Action: support musicians of Orchestra London

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A “Call to Action” for assistance to the musicians of Orchestra London Canada

From the OCSM Executive Board

Dear colleagues:

As you know, Orchestra London has ceased operations for at least the remainder of the 2014-15 Season. The staff have been laid off and the office has closed, but the musicians have been busy working with their Board of Directors to find a way to get the orchestra's operations running again. In the meantime, the musicians themselves have vowed to keep symphonic music going in London. They performed more than twenty free “Pop-Up Concerts” throughout the holiday season, and only last night (January 14, 2015) they performed to a packed church with their former Music Director, Uri Meyer.

At this point, we are calling on you to assist your friends in London – here is what you can do to help:

1. Send money to assist the musicians with their efforts. Several orchestras have been in contact with the Executive to start this process already. Cheques can be made out to OLPA (Orchestra London Players’ Association) and can be mailed to:

16 Bloomfield Drive

London ON N6G 1P3 Canada

2. If possible, consider hiring OLC musicians as subs and extras in your own orchestra. This is not only helpful to the musicians financially, it also demonstrates our solidarity with our colleagues to the public, and highlights the exceptional abilities of these talented musicians.

3. Follow the OLPA’s Social Media campaign. The musicians have demonstrated excellent communications so far in this trying time. You can help with “Likes” and re-tweets, sharing the information with music lovers in your own communities, and contributing to their positive message.

And, above all:

4. Fight the negativity! When one orchestra is in trouble, the media tend to lead articles with lines like: “Orchestras in trouble”, “Bad news for arts organizations”, etc. For every negative story, one hundred positive stories go unreported. Find the positive messages and spread them widely. Emphasize the tangible and non-tangible reasons why the arts are important to communities.

We look forward to hearing great news from London as we rally around our friends.

In solidarity,

Robert Fraser, President

On behalf of the OCSM Executive

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