Orchestra Digest: Feb. 2nd

This week: Verdi vs. Wagner, a new Kennedy Center expansion, and scientific evidence of excessive coughing. Here are stories we're following -- 
Last week's poll asked: Should orchestras change the way they dress? 80% of respondents said yes. A few of the comments:
  • Our dress should reflect the times, less formality breeds accessibility.
  • As long it it looks classy, is comfortable, suits all body types, is reasonably uniform, and allows for a little bit of individuality. Easy, eh?
  • We cannot afford to dress like pop stars. They used to say we should be dressed one step better than our audience. I would hate to see us become an equally motley crew.
  • For men, business suit and tie should be the standard attire for all concerts. For women, dressy black dresses or pant suits that are comfortable for their performing requirements.
  • Formal dress looks really good and it makes the concert seem like more of a special event.
*NEW poll: Please answer our poll: Did you listen to the MPFC webinars, and have your questions been answered? 
This week the Musicians' Pension Fund of Canada held webinars in English and French to discuss the recent changes. (Video of both webinars will be posted soon on the MPFC website.)
Compiled by Matt Heller, OCSM President. Sources include the discussion groups of ICSOM and ROPA, as well as NPR's Deceptive Cadence blog. Vist OCSM online at: http://ocsm-omosc.org/index.php