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 National Audition Eligibility

by Melissa Goodchild

OCSM Secretary

At the Canadian Conference in June 2018 a resolution was passed regarding the eligibility for players to participate in National Auditions in Canada:
Whereas, there is at present no uniform policy across Canada regarding who may take part in the Canadian round of orchestra auditions; Therefore be it
Resolved, that Canadian Locals be urged to include eligibilityrequirements for participation in Canadian round of auditions in CBA negotiations with orchestras in their jurisdiction.
There is an Audition Code of Ethics which was jointly created by OCSM, AFM, and Orchestras Canada, but that document is non-binding. The representatives to the Canadian Conference learned that not all Locals and orchestras have standard criteria for defining a National Audition. This
resolution is a step towards making those criteria more clear. 
In the past, employers were required to prove that no Canadian was able to fill the position before opening the position to international applicants in order to comply with Immigration Law. In 2015 those laws changed for industries with creatives.

Now the question is: are National Auditions no longer required? If the purpose of National auditions is to allow Canadians the first opportunity at a position, then the National Audition round fills that role; however, if National Auditions were put in place to comply with Immigration law then perhaps they are no longer necessary. 

OCSM members are encouraged to speak to their delegates who can make suggestions to the executive and at the next conference regarding best practices.