Orchestra Digest: Sept. 10

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We're following major stories this week in Fort Worth, Texas and in Calgary...
Strike in Fort Worth
Musicians of the Fort Worth Symphony went on strike Thursday, the NY Times reports; season-opening performances this weekend have been cancelled. 
The move comes after a concessionary proposal was rejected on Sunday, the Star-Telegram reported
FWSO musicians are posting updates at their website and Facebook. Earlier this summer, they also posted a series of videos about the situation on YouTube.
Petitions and concern follow cuts at Mount Royal Conservatory
CBC News reports concern and outrage among Mount Royal Conservatory students and the wider musical community, in Calgary and worldwide, after the dismissal of a highly regarded cello instructor, John Kadz, and demotion of a Conservatory administrator and distinguished violin instructor, Bill van der Sloot. Administrators said the moves were due to financial pressures.
OCSM Conference Highlights
The 2016 OCSM Conference met in Calgary, August 8-12th. Five days of meetings, workshops, reports and discussion are hard to sum up in a few words, but we've compiled a two-page Conference Highlights document for a start. 
Compiled by Matt Heller, OCSM 1st VP. Sources include the discussion groups of ICSOM and ROPA. Visit OCSM online at: http://ocsm-omosc.org/index.php. Visit OCSM on Facebook, or tweet us @ocsm-omosc.
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