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ICSOM -- the International Conference of Symphony and Opera Musicans, representing American orchestral musicians.
ROPA -- the Regional Orchestra Players' Association, representing American orchestral musicians who play with smaller- budget orchestras.






AFM of the United States and Canada -- the Musician's Union.
AFM Canadian Conference -- The regional conference of AFM Locals.
Symphonic Services Division - This page has a great deal of timely information -- all you have to do is register for the AFM members-only area.
The Musicians' Pension Fund of Canada can answer any questions about your AFM Pension.



Canadian Broadcasting Corporation main site -- CBC Music and Opera at iCulture -- hear the current Arts Report or RealAudio.

Statistics Canada -- good source for numbers at negotiation time.














The Toronto Musicians' Association Self Management Career Resource Centre is an invaluable asset for Canadian performing artists.

Canadian Musicians' Employment Status Archive - offers access to specific information in regard to musicians' employment status. 

Orchestras Canada - Their site has many Professional Development ideas and resources. Jointly with OCSM, they developed an audition ethics code.

CCRA Interpretation Bulletin IT525: This bulletin discusses the criteria used by the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency (CCRA) to distinguish a performing artist who is an employee from one who is self-employed. This distinction is important in determining the expenses that are deductible in computing the artist's income.

The Symphony Orchestra Library Centre has many resources including reference materials and audition lists.

The Canadian Cultural Web Directory is a menu-style directory of Canadian arts and cultural web sites, with connections to over two thousand Canadian sites.

Canadian Conference of the Arts- Canada's oldest and largest arts advocacy group, representing more than 200,000 Canadian artists and cultural workers from all disciplines from all across the country. Their bulletins ensure you are aware and current with developments affecting the arts and cultural sector.

In the U.S, a coalition of concerned organizations including the American Symphony Orchestra League has created a two-page "Tips for Traveling Musicians". It is available on the ASOL's government affairs website.

Health and Safety 











The effects of sound exposure in workplace settings, recommendations, and assesment tools:

The Ontario Ministry of Labour's Safety Guidelines the Live Performance industry includes orchestra pits and sound levels.

Musicians and Injuries -- a website dedicated to printed and online resources.

The Health and Safety for Musicians seminars have interactive programs on various topics. A project of the The University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey-School of Public Health and the University of Illinois-School of Public Health.

Canadian Network for Health in the Arts -- Play It Safe: A Health Resource Manual for Musicians and Health Professionals

Hearing Loss - Tinnitus resource page

The Centre for Human Performance and Health Promotion

The Ontario Ministry of Labour's "Health and Safety Advisory for Live Performance" publishes guidelines which recommend realistic procedures to protect those working in live performance.

Safety and Health in Arts Production and Entertainment (SHAPE) in British Columbia has a large collection of books, pamphlets, safety programs, manuals and other specific information aimed at the performing arts and motion picture industry. Link

The Artists’ Health Centre Foundation (AHCF) supports the work of the Al and Malka Green Artists’ Health Centre (AHC) at Toronto Western Hospital. It is involved in outreach, education, and prevention services for the over 20,000 professional artists who live in the Toronto area.

The Musician's Survival Manual is a guide to preventing and treating injuries of musicians. You can download the book here.

 Insurance OCSM has arranged a beneficial insurance package for musical instruments through the following company. See the "Insurance" section for more information.

Western Financial Group Insurance Solutions 201-600 Empress Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3G 0R5

For more information contact Ashley Wrixon, extension 7664 at either 204-943-0331 or 1-800-665-8990 ext.7664. ashley.wrixon[at]

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